I’m very pleased to have two poems in the latest edition of Agenda – ‘Moving on’ and  ‘Dreaming You Want me Back.’ Here’s one. You can read the other at http://www.katehendry.org/poetry. Or buy the magazine and read lots more, better poems by other folk! http://www.agendamagazine.co.uk 



It’s one of those dreams – you finally realise

you love me and shouldn’t have let me go.

Your other life hasn’t worked out.


I’m inside your narrow boat.

I forget you might be dangerous,

like the risks of smoking to my heart.


I’ve come back to remonstrate

and I’ve got to see it through.

You’ve offered me a second-hand marriage –


watching the news with tea on trays,

washing up left till morning,

going to bed at different times.


It’s a deal I can’t help wanting –

to be sitting in bed with you, our bed,

looking at the black sky through the hatch.


To stop myself I talk too fast, too loud.

I wag my finger and tell you in a pompous tone

that’s not what love is about.



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