Short Stories
‘Eating Fruit with Cows,’ Northwords, 2002
‘The Blue Dress,’ Markings, 2003
‘All That Glass,’ New Writing Scotland 23, 2005
‘All That Glass,’ Harpers Magazine, 2006
‘What I Did at Easter,’ Mslexia, 2006
‘When It Was All Over,’ Cadenza, 2006
‘The Slashing of Wee Fraser,’ New Writing Scotland 25, 2007
‘When Gordon Ran Away,’ New Writing Scotland 26, 2008
‘The Coop,’ New Writing Scotland 27, 2009
‘Don’t Say Anything,’ Bridport Anthology, 2009
‘The Affair,’ Markings, 2010
‘My Husband Wants to Talk to Me Again,’ Brittle Star, 2015
‘My Husband Wants to Talk to Me Again,’ Best British Short Stories 2016, Salt, 2016

‘Daphne Du Maurier Gets the Jail,’ The Reader 34 2009
‘Reading Poetry in Prisons: A Tipsheet,’ Scottish Poetry Library
website: 2010
‘Reading Groups in Prisons: Their Impact on Prisoners’ Literacy
Practices,’ RaPAL Vol 75, Autumn/Winter
‘Four Ways to Keep Writing,’ The Writers Compass: Turning the
Next Page
, 2012
‘Questioning Audiences: Reading and Writing in Prisons,’ Scottish
Justice Matters
, Vol 2:1 March 2014
‘Masters and Mavericks: Two American Voices,’ The Dark Horse, issue 35, 2015
‘An explorer discovering new feelings: The effect of reflective journals on the writing process and writer-identity,’ Writing in Education, issue 70, 2016

The Poem Goes to Prison, The Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh:2010
Tools of the Trade: Poems for New Doctors (2nd edition), The Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh: 2016
To Learn the Future: Poems for Teachers, The Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh: 2018

3 poems in Orbis, 2000
2 poems in The Rialto, 2001, 2015
1 poem in the Ware Poetry Competition Anthology, 2001
1 poem in Kin: Scottish Poems about Family, ed Hamish Whyte, Polygon, 2009
2 poems in The Red Wheelbarrow, 2010
1 poem in Cats ed Hamish Whyte, Polygon, 2013
4 poems in Northwords Now, 2013, 2015, 2017
2 poems in The North, 2015
2 poems in Agenda, 2015
1 poem in Northwords Now, 2015
1 poem in Gutter, 2015
1 poem in Bare Fiction, 2015
1 poem in New Walk, 2015
2 poems in Obsessed with Pipework, 2015
1 poem in The Frogmore Papers, 2015
1 poem in New Boots and Pantisocracies, 2015
3 poems in The Compass, 2015, 2017
2 poems in The Reader, 2016
The Lost Original, Happenstance Press, 2016
1 poem in Scotia Extremis, 2016
1 poem in The Herald, 2017
1 poem in Writing Motherhood: A Creative Anthology, ed Carolyn Jess-Cooke, Seren, 2017
1 poems in Brittle Star, 2017
1 poem in The Lampeter Review, 2018
1 poem in Coming and Going: Poems for Journeys, ed Helena Nelson, Happenstance Press, 2019

Conference papers:
‘The Sonnet Sequences of Robert Lowell and John Berryman,’
University of Stirling 1998
‘Reading Liz Lochhead with Sex Offenders,’ Reading and Writing in
Prison, Napier University 2011
‘Reading Groups in Prisons,’ LTS Challenge Fund Conference,
University of Stirling 2011
‘Inspiring Change: the Role of the Arts in Prison Education,’ Prison
Fiction, Writing Imprisonment, University of York 2012
‘Audience Awareness in Prisons,’ Napier University, 2013

SAC New Writers’ Bursary, 2008
Mere Literary Festival Short Story Competition, 2008, 1st prize
Bridport Prize, 2009, Runner up
Koestler Awards, 40+ for students’ creative writing, a gold and
platinum for STIR, and gold awards for the Citizens Theatre at
HMP Barlinnie and HMP Shotts.
Chairman’s Award at the Scottish Magazine Awards for STIR, 2012.


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